Clocks, Headphones

About Monos

Monos are an active partner providing customers with product creativity and product innovation.

We provide specialized in house services, designs and techniques, allowing our clients a multitude of products and design options that others cannot.

We are an OEM partner for chain-stores and brands.
We can also provide you with our brands and products.
Monos have 5 brands that are registered in the EU.

We are committed in becoming the leading innovative creative force providing trend setting within the sports industry and beyond.

We can improve your brand, your product, and your production situation. Provide you with high quality products that you are proud to sell to your customers or show in your stores. We've been supplying products for quite sometime and we're helping our customers to be one step a head at all time. It is a tough fight to get the customers out there! Monos will help you!